Details now. Plans for the future.

The best way to plan for the future is with a thorough understanding of the current landscape. Axiom Geophysics & Remote Sensing helps you get a high-level view of the ever-evolving urban landscape, plan and manage growth, get greater visibility over natural resources, and improve the systems that matter most to communities. Our satellite and airborne data gathering helps decision-makers prioritize areas of change, compare large areas over time, and extract country-wide data.

Our cutting-edge technology provides agile, scalable and cost-effective solutions for governments and land managers.

  • Carbon measurement and inventory
  • Compliance and permit management
  • Detect changes to ecosystems and protected areas
  • Disaster response
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Monitor and analyze transport and transport flows
  • Monitor and plan utility and right-of-way needs
  • Track development and growth
  • Water resource management