LiDAR, or Light Detection And Ranging, is a sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser in order to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth from various types of platforms. As such, it allows precise generation of three-dimensional information about specific areas or surfaces such as trees, buildings, and other infrastructure.


  • Slope Analysis
  • Surface modelling (DEM, DSM, DTM)
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Forestry


Photogrammetry is the process of collecting high-resolution photos to create an up-to-date aerial image of a site. This is done by flying the site taking overlapping photos that are georeferenced and tied to ground control. Along with the orthophoto a dense point cloud can be created. This point cloud is perfect for construction as it gives an accurate model of bare earth over areas that would be time-consuming or difficult by traditional GPS means. Points can be generated in similar densities as LIDAR which creates detailed topography.


  • Quantity Tracking
  • Surface modeling (DEM, DSM, DTM)
  • Site Review
  • Historical Record

Spectral Imagery

Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery refers to images that contain colour bands beyond the normal RGB values. These camera sensors can collect light waves that are beyond human eye perception and are processed into additional colour bands contained as part of the aerial or satellite image.


  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Invasive Specie Detection
  • Biomass & Growth Monitoring
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Mineral Exploration

Terrestrial Surveying

When more detailed and specific measurements are needed traditional methods of data collection are required. GPS, Total Station, and optical level can be deployed into the field can collect quick and usable data for quick and easy-to-use deliverables. This data is accurate and specific, providing the client with coded points containing nothing, easting, and elevations. This data is easier to manage than large LAS files from photogrammetry or LIDAR by providing focused and accurate information.


  • Preliminary
    • Predesign Surveys
    • Preconstruction Surveys
  • Construction
    • Layout
    • Asbuilts
    • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • Drill Mapping
    • Collar Surveys
  • Record As-built Information/Drawings